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Touching, playful and wildly creative...

Absolutely beautiful...

Ian Ayris - Author

A fantastic imagination reinforced with beautiful imagery and imagism...

Ko Ko Thett - Poet

I'm Mariyam

a writer based in Yorkshire

Deaf poet, writer, care leaver, photographer and environmentalist I want to be the change I want to see in the world.  A published author of poetry, short stories and coming soon my first novel The Tightrope Walker. I was proud to be selected to be one of the emerging writers by the Genesis Foundation and Jewish Literary Foundation 2023-2024.

As an author of heartfelt family dramas I weave intricate relationships with emotional journeys, delving into the hidden conflicts beneath seemingly ordinary lives, and revealing the extraordinary resilence of families 

Mission Statement

As a workshop facilitator and writer, I aim to create engaging, informative, and inspiring content for my students and readers. I value authenticity, creativity, and diversity. I write to express myself, share my perspectives, and connect with others. My purpose is to make a positive impact through my words and share any profits with designated charities for each book. 



“taught and explained well, escpecially some tricky concepts”

Laura Winterlich

“my grandaughter went from I can't write to making poems and flash fiction”

Susan Caton

“Honestly it was such a delightful experience. As someone who has very little experience with writing I found it a lovely introduction. really welcoming and relaxed and I didn't feel at all intimidated or overwhelmed”

Lauren Cole


“Very friendly and engaged not only the children but the adults too - Amazing”


“We felt very much welcomed and allowed us to relax and have a bit of time out. Much appreciated by us all”

Sarina and family

“We enjoyed the entire activity. The children really brought out their creative sides which was so much fun.”

Ibukun and family

Latest News 

What are we working on the moment?

Glad you asked. While book 1 in the Bradford Badshaas series is undergoing editing, book 2 Salma's story is unfolding on the page.

The Elephant in the Womb is at crunch time as I try and figure out which of the short stories to keep in the final book, the Tightrope Walker is off to a professional editing team, looking for a childrens illustrator for the Growleys and the Coach screenplay is on its first draft! Phew! I feel exhausted just writing that!


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